This is a program that allows you to quickly and accurately view others' financial information.

Conversely, it can also accurately communicate your own financial information to stakeholders.

You can immediately perform data analysis by uploading just one accounting journal entry file. This process is compatible with all financial systems worldwide.

Depending on user permissions, it supports both a comprehensive view of financial information and discreet forensic investigations.

This is a method for businesses (organizations) and stakeholders to trust and communicate financial information. It verifies the transparency of accounting and encourages transparent accounting practices.


Validate Transparent Accounting

1. Data Profiling

Narrowing down the scope of a risk while filtering individual journal entries.

Refining into minimal sets of Debit-Credit pairing and then identifying incorrect journal entries.

Finding counterpart accounts and verifying causal relationships.

Creating data at the transaction level and identifying improperly reconciled data.

2. Flow and Pattern Analysis

Creating data into monthly and daily flows to identify any changes.

Using heatmap visualization to pinpoint differences and locate relevant data.

Identifying data deviating from statistical patterns and investigating the reasons.

3. Financial Report Decoding

Recreating financial statements from vouchers and comparing them with disclosure information.

These financial statements are designed for decoding, including monthly summaries and drill-down capabilities.

Now, you can pinpoint the causes of fluctuations in financial statement figures based on facts.


Who Uses It and Where


Technical Features

  • Compatibility : It can import journal entries from all domestic and international financial systems.
  • Standardization : Standardizing accounting data storage and aggregation to integrate all domestic and international financial information into one place.
  • Speed : Designed as a Single-Page Application (SPA) for 10x faster responsiveness, with a multi-screen structure for 10x faster task execution.
  • Scalability : It can be integrated as an expansion program into different financial systems, and its own model can be created for data mining purposes.


How to Use

  • Log in to the mobile web interface (www.9viewers.com)
  • Link or Upload the journal entry file.
    • Users can upload the accounting journal entry Excel file.
    • External organizations are supported for file upload and analysis.
    • Real-time connection is possible by API linking to current financial system.
    • Extension support for some program functionalities in SDK form is available.
  • Use the program.


Data Cleansing and Correction


Data cleansing and Correction is similar to organizing a wardrobe. Just as there are endless combinations for organizing a wardrobe, such as summer clothes-winter clothes, tops-bottoms, formalwear-casualwear, and outerwear-underwear, the way you organize your data creates value.

Cleansing data is akin to displaying products in a store. In a store, the arrangement and display of products also add value.

In NineViewer, we have enhanced the value of data by adding an automated cleansing process during the data retrieval phase from accounting sources.


Key Functions

In contrast to traditional financial accounting systems, which record data and generate financial statements, NineViewer utilizes the multidimensional data structure of accounting to provide a broader perspective on data, ensuring that risks are not overlooked.


Financial Data Communication

Communication is the act of exchanging it between the producing party and the party in need.

By consolidating complex accounting information into a single file structure and integrating it with interpretation capabilities, NineViewer enables financial information communication.




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